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Perspective of a young boy July 13, 2010

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While there is rarely a dull moment in my life, being the mom of a rambunctious 4-year-old, affords me the opportunity to see the world through a “fresh” set of eyes.  This morning proved that I have not actually
“heard and seen it all”.  Recently, my son has been practicing his “flattery” skills.  So, he’s constantly telling
me that I “look pretty.” Fortunately, so far, he has NOT used these compliments for his own gain.  Although, I do think that will come in due time.  So, this morning I was making my way downstairs and he’s still standing at the top of the stairs and looks down and says “you look pretty mommy”.  I say “thanks Eli” and turn to continue walking downstairs and he says “WHUUUUTT…why do you have that shirt on?” I said “because I like it. What’s wrong with my shirt?”. He says “it has poop on it”. I say “no, it doesn’t Eli”. He says “yes, it does, on your back”. I again say “no, it doesn’t” and then walk to the downstairs bathroom. So, upon further inspection of my shirt, lo and behold, there actually looks to be a medley of poop smears on my shirt. Can you say “doubling over in laughter”?  I mean even now as I type this, my eyes are teary from the memory of this conversation.  This kid NEVER ceases to amaze me.  If you didn’t realize by now, my sense of humor is a bit warped and these kinds of things are hilarious to me. I guess it would explain why I chose to make my very first post on my very first blog, a post about “poop smears”. Welcome to MY world!!!


Hello world! July 7, 2010

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